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Our veterinary service is 24 hours a day 365 days a year. We provide a complete medical and surgical service for pets and farm animals 24hrs a day 365 days a year by our own vets and nurses and we think this is important. Our equine clinic similarly provides services for horses 24hrs a day 365 days a year.


We do not contract our out of hours service to anyone else – you come to your own familiar practice and are seen by our own staff

You can be reassured that there is always one of our own vets and a nurse available to help your pet in an emergency whenever that unfortunate event may occur and our phones are answered by our own vets and nurses to give you immediate advice when you will need it most.


House visits
We are very happy to come to your house to examine your pet but would like you to know that we cannot carry all the possible equipment or drugs needed for every case and very often we know that your pet may need hospital treatment from the descriptions that you give. Routine appointments and emergency treatments are therefore better performed at the surgery.

We understand that you may wish to have your pet put down at home and when that time comes we are happy to send a vet and a nurse to allow your pet's last moments to be in a comfortable and familiar environment.

Stray animals are often brought in to us and we find it easy to reunite them with their owners if they are microchipped. We recommend microchipping for every pet and it is a requirement for those pets that are travelling abroad to Europe on holidays.

Pet passports, rabies vaccinations and export certification
Our vets are trained local veterinary inspectors and we can provide all the advice and services you require to export your animals.

Routine and emergency surgery
We a dedicated operating theatre and our nurses and vets are trained and continually updating their knowledge in anaesthesia and surgery from the routine to complex fracture repairs

For larger or more complex surgeries we have a surgical suite in our Homefield Road Clinic in Haverhill. Some emergency surgery may be directed to our Haverhill practice.

The commonest routine procedures we do are neutering (spays and castrations)

Please phone for advice regarding neutering of all species.

Hip and elbow x-rays for scoring
We advise that for those breeds where hip dyplasia and elbow dysplasia occur that both parents are screened prior to breeding.

There are special rates for this radiographic service.

Blood tests, urine tests
Our lab is on site and so we can have same day results for many tests. This avoids the worrying wait. Emergencies requiring tests can be dealt with rapidly, giving us fast accurate results to help with our treatments.

Boarding for patients with special medical needs
Should your pet have an ongoing veterinary problem that you feel requires more specialized attention than a boarding kennels then we can provide a limited boarding service.

Breeding services
Hip and elbow radiography
Ultrasound scans for pregnancy
Timing of mating tests
Assisted breeding – AI
Semen analysis
Semen collection and transportation, including freezing

Routine and emergency visits for cattle and sheep
Prescription and diagnostic services for game birds and poultry
Prescriptions or supply of medicines
Pregnancy diagnosis for cattle and sheep
TB testing, testing for health schemes
AI for cattle and pigs – particularly for smallholders
Camelids – llamas and alpacas, including dentistry


LYNN PERRY ... " The veterinary service we receive from the vets at Hawkedon Equine Clinic is excellent and we would not have any other vets for our ponies "