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The clinic is well equipped and designed for day cases, short hospital stays and more

The clinic is well equipped and designed for day cases, dental cases, reproductive work, medical and lameness investigations, and short hospital stays.

On site vets provide 24-hour cover and our experienced staff will look after your horse and give it the very best care while it is at the clinic.

We have comfortable stables and safe turnout as well as foaling boxes with CCTV and exercise ménage.

Our veterinary facilities include:

  • Digital X-Rays - fast, high quality pictures
  • Ultrasound Machines - reproduction, lameness and medical scans
  • Modern Laboratory - on site for fast results
  • Trot up areas and ménage - for lameness and respiratory examinations
  • Dentistry Equipment - our dental equipment and facilities are second to none and are used regularly
  • Stocks - our stocks are used for safe restraint of horses during dentistry and reproduction. They are in constant use during the breeding season and are placed on non slip rubber for improved safety
  • Endoscopes - for internal medical and respiratory examinations
  • Stables
  • Turnout
  • Foaling Boxes with CCTV
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