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Our facilities are purpose built and continually modernised

The surgery is light and airy and has a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere. It is designed to maximize the comfort and minimize the stress for your pet’s visit to the vets. Our non-slip floors and walk in kennels are suitable for even the stiffest of ‘old timers’.

There is ample easy parking and patients are seen quickly, avoiding that worrying wait for you and your pet.

Our facilities are purpose built and continually modernised. Combined with our excellent team this gives your pets the very best veterinary service we can. This is what we (and you) think they deserve.

The Waiting Area

We never like to keep our patients (or their owners) waiting. Our waiting area is never crowded and you will not have a long wait to be seen.


Our kennel room is heated and central to the practice so our staff can give patients the company and attention they need throughout the day. Our kennels are comfortable and large enough for the biggest of dogs.

Exercise Areas

Our large grounds are used to exercise patients several times a day if required. You are also free to walk your pet in our ample grounds before or after your visit.

Operating Facilities

We have a dedicated operating theatre operated by a dedicated team!

For larger or more complex surgeries we have a surgical suite in our Homefield Road Clinic in Haverhill. Visiting veterinary specialists have commented on the quality of our theatres at our Homefield Road Clinic.

Digital Radiography

We have a new high-resolution digital X-ray machine. Our vets can use the digital software to enhance pictures and this gives them much improved diagnostic abilities. It also benefits your pet because fewer views are necessary and pictures are processed quickly. This keeps anaesthetic and sedation time to a minimum.


We have several ultrasound scanners, each for a different purpose. Ultrasound uses high frequency sound waves to visualize the soft tissue structures of the body. We use ultrasound scanners to confirm and monitor pregnancy and to image organs such as the heart, liver and bladder.


We have different endoscopes (internal cameras) for different sizes of patient. We use them to look inside areas of the body such as the lungs or stomach to diagnose problems in these areas.

Laboratory Facilities

Our own laboratory is on site, fully staffed and equipped for fast results, be it blood samples, urine tests, cytology or skin tests. We also provide tests for breeding timing and semen quality.

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